Fold after Fold – Old Hall

Experimental Performance - Old Hall, Suffolk

I'm never sure of the 'fit' between poetry and music. An invitation to perform at Old Hall, an intentional community on the Essex/Suffolk border, was a chance to experiment, to try out new material and new modes of presentation.

I first worked with Bruno 20 years ago - on a CORAL Arts project called 'The Forest That Sailed Away'. Mostly, he's a cellist. By temperament he's an improviser.

He brought an entire bag of tricks to Old Hall: his Bandoneon (a concertina used in Argentinian tango), a ring modulator (and other assorted electronics), various types of percussion, a child's hand-wound music-box ...

We played with effects, with affect, with noises-off and noises-on. Most striking of all (for me) was the moment he started singing in the empty chapel next door to the library we used as performance space ... an 800 year-old troubadour song, as accompaniment to a poem about loss ... (perhaps you had to be there but, for me, it was spine-chilling).